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November 22, 2007

Creating a New MOSS 2007 Task Using Web Services Exposed by MOSS

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In my last post a shows how we can create a new MOSS Task using BizTalk WSS Adapter and we discussed the problem with the provided solution.

Here I’ll try to propose a new solution. The basic idea is based on that MOSS 2007 exposes some web services to manage any application remotely. the two main web services we will use are the List web service and UserGroup web service. so let’s start digging 🙂



Creating New MOSS 2007 Task Using BizTalk WSS Adapter

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Yesterday I was trying BizTalk WSS (Windows SharePoint Services) adapter to create a new task in my site’s Tasks List dynamically, I mean that I don’t want to configure the adapter in runtime, instead I want to configure it using dynamic data sent to the orchestration.


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